Saabs are Cool

Here is something I’m quite happy about. My car I drive everyday. I like cars and recently I had the choice to get a new car. I was driving the same econobox car since I was 16 and it ran great and there was no reason to sell it. Thanks to an asshole car thief, I was able to buy something new. I searched for a while. There were quite a few cars I wanted to buy. I’m one of those people that search for cars to buy when I’m in no position to buy one. So the actually opportunity to buy a car is exciting to me.

Number one on my list was a 5th generation Honda Prelude. I love the way tthe car looks. It has a dual overhead cam engine, double wishbone suspension and a lot of them came with manual. I could care less about the whole “oh it’s front wheel drive you’ll understeer and die” and “it’s pigfat heavy”. It’s a car I have been eyeing up since my mom drove me to elementary school. The tail lights are unique, the front had this angry look and some were lucky to come with VTEC.

Unfortunately, my mid 90’s Honda was just stolen and it changed my mind on if I wanted to buy another easy to steal mid 90’s Honda. I scrapped the idea to own one of my dream cars out of fear. But not forever. I do plan one getting one once I get more driveway space.

I’m surfing craigslist everyday looking for something. Anything that is a car and manual. Not a lot of in terms of search criteria. I remember watching an episode of Top Gear UK and they did a special on Saab. It was after Saab had been closed down for good. They went over the history of the company and the cars they made. Top Gear and other car shows are great at doing something to me. They make me want to get the cars they are showing. So I looked on craigslist for Saabs and I found a used 1990 Saab 900S that was about 2 hours from my house. Quite a ways but I needed a car and I was ready to buy.

Here it is my actual car. It’s pretty rough but it’s in great condition for it’s age. The dings and paint scratches don’t faze me too much but I know later on down the line they will but that’s not until later. What is great about this car is that it’s not tampered with. What I mean is that all the components on the car that need work are just regular maintenance items. The rubber hoses for example. They are all hard and brittle and falling apart. The car is generally as it was when it was newer. To me, this makes figuring out what the car needs a lot easier since I can start from scratch. 

What’s great about my Saab is that it’s a car that I got on my own. I didn’t have anyone’s help getting it. It was my money, my choice and I get a sense of freedom from that. Something I’ve always wanted to do to my first car but never did was “modify” it. I say that it quotes because my version of modifying a car are very different from other peoples. You’ll see what I mean..

Amber fog lights because why not.

Yeah… fog lights. I wanted them for looks mostly and I don’t really have the budget for an ebay turbo or engine swap so this is as crazy as I’ll get probably. It may not seem like much but for me, this is the beginning of making my car mine. I was never able to do that on my hand me down Honda Civic that I drove since I was 16 because I wanted to keep it stock and fresh looking. (which is probably why it was stolen. Not many 1996 Honda Civics look as good as mine.)

I do have plans to get a welder and try my hand at making an exhaust for my Saab. They don’t make many aftermarket parts for Saabs so if I want anything for my car I’ll have to do it myself or (my favorite option) use parts from other cars. Those fog lights are for a Chevy truck. I’m heavily influenced by Mad Max and Roadkill for using parts from other cars on other cars. I haven’t done it yet but it is in my plans.

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