Didi, my other love

Don’t tell my girlfriend but I’m going to write about my other other love after cars. My cat Didi.

Look at that happy face.

For over a year, my girlfriend was hounding me about getting a cat. She just wanted one so badly and I could not figure out why. Almost every day:

 Can we get a cat? 
 Can we get a cat? 
 Can we get a cat?
 Can we get a cat?

Like this but if she asked to go to Mount Splashmore I would have said yes.

So made a deal with her which didn’t really help me but I got it done. It was she helps me get my first rental house and she can get a cat. I got the rental house… on my own… and she got a cat.

I’ve never had a cat before and I got to do my parent talk. Ok we can get a cat but you have to take care of all the messy parts and I get to enjoy the fun parts. She agreed and we went to the animal shelter. 

It didn’t take long to find Didi. She was the first cat we saw as we walked in. We looked at each other as Didi sat in my lap and say “we better see the other cats before we decide”. We did visit the other cats in the shelter and none of them were as nice and chill as Didi is. We spent about an hour just spending time with her in the shelter and decided she was the one.

By the way, adopting a cat is the way to go. It was $30 total for the adoption fee and Didi was already spayed, neutered and had a flea treatment and we adopted a cat that someone somewhere didn’t want. I’m happy I got talked into getting a cat. It probably helps that Didi is such a relaxed cat that actually likes to spend time us me. She is sleeping in my lap as I’m typing this.

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