My Number One Tip for Saving Money

This is not going to be a typical blog post about budget, blah blah, pay off debt, blah blah start a side business rent your cat to your neighbors for extra money.

This hasn’t been posted before and it’s a simple, but controversial, technique that everyone can do. Yeah, everyone. I guarantee it.

My number one tip for saving money?

Doing nothing.

Let me explain. The typical individual in the rat race goes like this, wake up, go to work, work 8 to 12 hours a day, go home, repeat until the weekend. When the weekend comes, they spend the money they made in the week because “I get paid this week”. So they do some smart things like going to buy groceries and maintenance supplies for the next week such as laundry detergent. But then they go out to eat and spend $50 on a single meal at a restaurant. Then they go to a store that sells space wasting junk that has no value and buy things there because “I wanted that coffee table”. The weekend ends, then they go back to work and repeat the cycle.

Pretty much everyone lives like this. I lived like this for a long time.

How does my tip work in this?


A lot of people I know like to do things outside of work. It’s a great to unwind after work. Here’s where our paths split ways. My co workers will be my example.

My co workers go shopping, go to the movies, go drive out of town, get a new cell phone, buy a new car. Basically spending money they don’t have.

Me on the other hand, I go home and do nothing. Not in a sense that I go home and stare at the wall. Instead of going out and being tempted to spend money, I’m at home learning about index funds or researching stocks. Dipping my toes in Peer to peer investing. Learning about financial intelligence.

Or if I’m feeling lazy, I still have all my Playstation 2 games and a working Playstation 2 console and I love playing my old games again. I have an old library of Steam games that I bought ages ago that I use to pass the time. My girlfriend has a Netflix account that she lets me use and a Hulu account with our friend’s password on it. Or I’ll do some housework such as cleaning. Clean the house, clean the car or go for a walk.

My point of doing nothing is doing things that don’t cost money. It doesn’t cost me anything to play some old video games. It doesn’t cost me anything to clean my house. Going on a walk is free.

For some people that are compulsive spenders, doing nothing might be what they need to do to start saving money. The best way to save money is to not use it.


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